Montevideo Public  Library

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So you have a E-Reader and just found out your Library has some e-books to checkout? Well let me help you figure out how to download E-Books to your device!
To read materials on your computer, device you must use Overdrive website to download ANY material.

You will need a library card, a personal computer at home, and an internet connection.

Amazon Kindle

If your device of choice is the Amazon Kindle, open PioneerLand OverDrive Library, and follow the links below. 

Kindle Instructions: Click Here

Kindle Fire Instructions: Click Here

Sony Reader

If your device of choice is the Sony Reader, follow the link below to an instructions.

Sony Reader Wi-Fi: Click Here


If your device of choice is the Barnes and Noble NOOK, open PioneerLand OverDrive Library, and follow one of the instruction links below. 

NOOK Instructions 1: Click Here

NOOK Instructions 2: Click Here

IPad, IPod, IPhone

If your device of choice is the IPad, IPod, or IPhone, open PioneerLand Overdrive Library, and follow the instruction links below. 

IPhone and IPad Instructions: Click Here

IPod Instructions: Click Here